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Pizza Box

Sturdy boxes

Made from European origin Kraft paper and White liners, Our Pizza Boxes have amazing strength.The material used is 100% Certified food safe for direct food contact without any coating. High-end offset printing is also possible for Pizza Boxes. We also supply paperboard-based Pizza Slice trays.

Pizza Boxes

  1. Full range of sizes available From 24 to 40 cm

    Sizes Available

    26 x 26 x 3.5 cm
    28 x 28 x 3.5 cm
    30 x 30 x3.5 cm
    32 x 32 x 3.5 cm
    34 x 34 x 3.5 cm
    36 x 36 x 4.2 cm
    40 x 40 x 4.2 cm
  2. Choose you material Various Options

    We can provide multiple options in the Pizza Material ranging from Kraft and White liners to White Virgin boards options for high end printed jobs.

White Pizza Box

White Pizza Box

Slice Trays

  1. Slice Serves Your Slice, Your Size

    A tray for hot food to go. Perfect for a slice of pizza to go. Also usable for quiche or crepes.

  2. Choose your coatings Bio, PE or Natural

    The slice trays are made with Paper from Natural fibres. Which means that you can use uncoated slice trays for direct serving the Slice or have a water-based or plastic based barrier coating to ensure grease resistance.

Pizza Slice Tray

Pizza Slice Tray