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Dura™ Series

With the understanding of various markets, Cambay works with their local partners in every market to develop new and innovative solutions for each individual requirement.

With the growing health and environmental concerns related with EPS(Styrofoam) and Bagasse (Sugarcane) based packaging for take away food packaging, we have come up with the best solution to solve the situation by introducing Dura™ Series.

Dura™ Series is a range of paper-based micro-fluted cartons which are Eco-friendly, sturdy and best suited for Heavy meat items such as Ribs and Steak. This structure is possible in every size in our Range of Conical Trays and Clamshells and also available in different sizes for big dinner meal packaging.

Dura™ Series

  1. Microwave Safe   

    We use the best grade of European kraft in all our products and Dura™ Series products are made with the best quality paper as well. These papers are microwave safe. Please drop us an email to receive more information on this paper

  2. Coatings for Oil Resistance   

    Although this box is approved and certified for Direct Food Contact, some food items are just too greasy to manage!

    We can provide these items with grease proof barriers in PE and Water-based bio coating as well.

  3. Sturdy & Strong Boxes   

    Big and strong boxes are required for packing more than one item which increases the payload of the box, Normal Paperboard Boxes do not have the endurance required for such heavy boxes. The micro fluting in our range of Dura™ Series provides the strength required to pack these multi-item-based boxes while maintaining the rigidity of the box.

Dura™ Series

Dura™ Series


  1. Available Sizes Conical Trays

    Size 1 : 131 mm x 91 mm x 50 mm
    Size 2 : 178 mm x 178 mm x 45 mm
    Size 3 : 180 mm x 134 mm x 45 mm
    Size 4 : 228 mm x 152 mm x 45 mm
    Size 5 : 255 mm x 179 mm x 58 mm
    Size 6 : 70 mm x 45 mm x 90 mm - For Chips

  2. Available Sizes Clamshells

    Regular : 175 mm x 90 mm x 85 mm
    Large : 205 mm x 107 mm x 78 mm
    Meal : 178 mm x 160 mm x 75 mm
    Burger : 105 mm x 102 mm x 83 mm
    Hot Dog : 210 mm x 70 mm x 77 mm

  3. Customized Sizes & Printings From 25.000 pcs

    Need a different size from the ones above?
    Don't worry, We are comfortable in supplying your required sizes.

Corrugated Boxes

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